Read a bit about me.

Or don't, your choice.

Flamo Graphic Design was started by me, Matt Green, in early 2018. 
My specialty is graphic design and I focus on helping small businesses build quality brands. 
I create custom logo designs, repair failing brands and create all the collateral you need to be consistent, stand out and make an impact. 
I love doing this. When I sit down to work on your logo and your brand, I put everything I've got into it. 
I've worked in the field of graphic design since finishing Uni in 2005 (Bachelor's degree in Multimedia, if you were wondering). That's 13 years of experience working for all sorts of clients around Australia.
I've taken on massive design projects for big companies, and everyday jobs for small businesses and startups. 
No matter the size of your business or the project, I am here to help and will treat your business with the respect and dignity it deserves.
Send me an email today and let's talk about how I can help you.